Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Shelter from the Wind

Last Sunday was a cool and windy day (not really conducive to beach activities) so we decided to take our friends Ron and Nancy, who were visiting from Minnesota, to the Audubon Conservancy east of Naples. It turned out to be a good move as the woods provided good cover from the wind for both us and the birds. This was our third trip and we saw more birds than the other two times. The most unusual was the one above, the American Bittern. It is normally quite reclusive but spent a lot of time showing off for about 20 of us. In this picture you can just make out the little craw fish that he just snared. The white guy is a Greater Egret, very common here. The flower appears to be a trumpet honeysuckle although it's not supposed to be blooming now according to my Audubon field guide. The last bird is a Red Tailed Hawk, quite common in both Florida and Minnesota but this one was exceptionally accommodating to us as we took pictures.

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