Monday, August 13, 2007

A Trip to Bone Lake

We traveled to Bone Lake in western Wisconsin this weekend to visit our friends Jim and Jeanne. When we visited Chateau St Croix to do a little wine tasting we happened upon the owners' hobby: polo-crosse, a combination of polo and lacrosse. Unfortunately we were only able to witness a training session but it was still interesting and a verification that we don't just drink wine.....
The last picture pretty much captures some of the allure of the "up north" lake experience.

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The Voights said...

I am so impressed! Just got David and Anne's new web page and all sound like you enjoy these...such talent! We sure enjoyed the week-end with you...good food, wine and time with friends. We're looking forward to our trip to Florida this winter. Jeanne PS THanks for the champagne and sharing our wedding anniversary with us!