Monday, October 8, 2007

We spent Sunday, October 7th watching the 26th annual Twin Cities Marathon. What a scorcher! It was almost 80 degrees at the start with very high humidity. In spite of that, both Kirk and Anne did a great job. Kirk finished 54th overall in a group of nearly 8,000 runners, third in his age group division. (The winner of the race was in his division). His time: 2:50:02. Anne finished 374th overall and 12th out of 485 in her division. Her time: 3:31:44. I've included a picture of the finish area to show what a crush of people participate in this event.


Orion said...

80 degrees and humid - a "scorcher". Wait until you spend some real time at your Southern home. That would be considered a cool fall day.

Keith said...

orion said it all. Kirk and ann look great! Betty