Thursday, January 17, 2008

Carribean Cruise

We've been on a little cruise to the Caribbean. We only made two stops, Grand Cayman and Key West. Actually we like the cruising aspect so much it really doesn't matter where we go. The food and service on Celebrity is just so good we could sit in Miami and have a good time. One "highlight" of the trip is that I got bit on the finger by a stingray at Stingray City. He mistook the index finger on my right hand for a squid. I had a squid in my left hand but he missed by a little. It wasn't much of a bite but there was lots of blood so Jean thought I was looking a little like shark bait.
Other that that we just did the normal cruise stuff, ate fancy dinners, ate sushi, ate canapes, drank rum. You know, the usual.
The boat we traveled on is the same one we will be on in July when we go to Norway to celebrate our 40th. It's an older style boat than the new megaships but we like it a lot, very relaxing.

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